ITALMET offers a complete stock of wire ropes, grade 80 chains and fittings for lifting department, anchors and chains for mooring department. The stock is really complete and large, this allows it to be always ready to meet the customers request in a very short time.

Prodotti - Sollevamento ITALMET can provide custom-made solution for any lifting project. ITALMET use high quality product such as Gunnebo, Van Beest, GN Rope Fitting and other.
Download the pdf of general information
Download the instruction handbook "slings steel cable / chain in grade 80"

Lifting chain slings grade 80
Design factors table in according to en 818-4
Short link chain for lifting purposes
Omega connecting link
G-Type connecting link
Clevis sling hook with forged safety latch
Self locking clevis hook
Self locking clevis hook eye type
Clevis C hook
Clevis shortening clutch jaw type
Eye type grab hook
hook bloccamaglia a forcella
Foundry hook
Safety kit for hooks
Perno per ganci a forcella
Oblong masterlink for use with chain or wire rope
Special oblong masterlink for use with chain or wire rope
Sub-assembly for use with 3 or 4 legs chain slings
Special sub-assembly for use with 3 or 4 legs wire rope
Chain KLB
Coupling link G
Berglok chain coupler BL
Safety hook OBK with grip latch
Safety hook BKG
Shank safety hook BKT
Safety hook BKG
Shank safety hook BKT
Swivel safety hook BKL
Swivel safety hook with ball bearing BKLK
Clevis swivel safety hook with ball bearing BKH
Sling hook, EKN with latch - EK
Sling hook EGK/GK - EGKN/GKN
Foundry hook OKE
Swivel latch hook LKN
Swivel latch hook with ball bearing LKNK
Grab hook OG
Grab hook GG
Shortening clutch GKL
Choker hook LK
Universal weld-on hook UKN
Shackle SA
Clevis shackle GSA
Clevis egglink CEL
Container hook CH-3
Container hook BKGC
Master link D
Eye lifting point ELP
Master link (closed) SKG
Sling hook ESKN/SKN
Roller-bearing swivel SKLI
Roundsling coupling SKR
Half link SKT
Master link type M-MF
Master link MT
Master link MTC
EAWK 1-6 - Swivel eye bolt type
TAWGK 0,5-3 - Bolt on attachment swivel
TAWGK 5-10 - Bolt on attachment swivel
TAWGK 15-30 - Bolt on attachment swivel
TAPS 1-15 - Attachment point weld-on type
TAPG 3-8 - Attachment point weld-on type
GBC - Ganci a saldare per Benna tipo "C"
Lever type loadbinder
Ratchet type loadbinder with hook - without hook